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Steve Silvestri : Born and raised on the streets of Redwood City California, Owner Steve Silvestri aka G-man has been a avid motorcycle rider and racer since the age of 7.  Motorcycles are his passion, from dedicating his time to  help local riders improve there riding skills to participating in the toughest motorcycle event in the world... The International Six Days Enduro (ISDE)

G-Man has received ISDE medals from  Holland (1993) - Bronze, Portugal (2000) - Silver, Spain (2001) - Silver, France (2002) - Silver.  Other major racing accomplishments are...

- 1989 Factory Honda CR Support rider (Motocross)
- 1991 Dist 36 Hare Scrambles Champion
- 1992 National Hare Scrambles 11th OA
- 1993 National Reliability Enduro Series: 500 cc Champion, 8th OA
- 1994 Factory Husky 4-Stroke Rider
- 1999 Factory Husaberg Support Rider
- 1999 500cc 4-Stroke National Reliability Enduro Champion
- 2006 Quicksilver National Enduro: A Overall Champion, 4th OA
- 2006 The 24 Hrs of Glen Helen Open Expert Champion, 11th OA
- 2007 The 24 Hrs of Glen Helen 2nd Place Open Expert, 8th OA

Need we say more about the one and only G-Man
Alex Dorsey #164 
Age: 22                                                                       Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alex.dorsey.9
Series: AMA Western Hare Scrambles                      Instagram: @ADorsey164
Equipment: KTM 250xc                                              Twitter: Dorsey164L

Alex started riding at the age of 4, grew up camping and  riding on the weekends with his family in Hollister Hills, CA. He did his first race when he was 12 years old and it was a complete mud feast and since then he has been hooked. He quickly moved his was through the youth class eventually started making his way through the adult series. 2011 was his first year lining up in the pro class and this is when he began working with 650 Racing. It took him a few years to find his speed in that class, in 2012 he took 3rd overall in the AMA District 36 Championship and 5th in the AMA National Hare Scrambles. After a solid 2012 year he was ready to battle for the championships.  Alex took the AMA District 36 Championship and the red number one plate and a Gold Medal at the Italy ISDE. In 2014 he had to forfeit the AMA District 36 series to compete in the 2014 International Six Days Enduro in Argentina where he earned 4th overall and a second Gold Medal.

 2013 AMA District 36 Champion

2013 AMA National Hare Scramble
2nd overall

             2013 ISDE Gold Medalist

             2014 ISDE Gold Medalist
Brooke Hodges is a 22-year-old born and raised in Morgan Hill, CA became the first 650 sponsored rider over 7 years ago.  Brooke began riding dirt bikes at age 4 and began racing at the age of 12 working herway up the ranks to becoming one of the first few professional off-road women racers.  Brooke is currently a full-time student at CSU Monterey Bay and enjoys working with the 650 Race team.  Some career highlights for Brooke include being the first women to compete and win on Catalina Island, multiple national hare scrambles championships, and competing in the 2013 ISDE earning a Silver medal.

 -2008 National Hare Scrambles Youth Girls Champion
-2008 WMX 3rd
-2009 WORCS Women Pro 2nd
-2010 Catalina Island Women Champion
-2011 AMA National Hare Scrambles Overall Women Champion
-2011 AMA District 36 Women AA Champion
-2012 AMA National Hare Scrambles Overall Women Champion
-2012 AMA District 36 Women AA Champion
-2013 AMA National Hare Scrambles Overall Women Champion
-2013 ISDE Women's Trophy Team Silver Medalist 

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